Bonjour, or perhaps not?

Apple Airport Extreme

(c) Apple, Inc.

As I have the luxury of having this nice luxury problem of not being able to wake up my sleeping iMac using WOL from my second home I have to leave it on just let the screen and the drive(s) put to sleep.

As an insomniac myself I know how horrible it is to not be able to sleep, but I am more concerned about the extra 16W the machine uses compared to the 1W while sleeping. Yes I care about the environment, and also my wallet.

So having a sleeping machine using 1W is still using too much energy if it can’t be used from the remote location. But I don’t really like having it us 17W when I’m sleeping myself and the iMac could have been sleeping too if only I were to wake it up again remotely.

So my partner and I have been doing some test and now I’ve come across this thing called Darkwake=0 in one of the boot files of the machine while searching the interweb for answers.

I’ve changed the file but haven’t dared to actually reboot the machine, for fear it won’t work, before I’ve made a proper back-up. As my new iMac has a HDD twice the size of the previous one I’m now moving files around from the external drive to create a bigger partition for CCC to do it’s magic. And then there is still the emergency bootable back up we made before the new iMac arrived.

iMac and Airport Extreme are registered trademarks of Apple, Inc.


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