Outside of my comfort zone.


Never thought I’d ever use a compass to find my bearing, but I did the day before yesterday (or technically the day before that even).

Like most people I don’t like stepping out of my comfort zone, but I forced myself to do it and, like the few other times, I really loved the result!

Sure there were some moments of anxiety, bordering on a slight panic, but I knew things would be alright and I would be glad to have done them.

I have done some minor things that I wouldn’t normally have done and they turned out to be easy enough to do and the results positive.

So with new confidence I have set out a few new things that are way out of my comfort zone:

  • Contacting a well know person to who inspired me, to write a foreword for my latest book
  • Going to an information meeting from the tax authorities to be informed about how to do the taxes for my small publishing company (more on out of comfort zone items for that one to follow). I don’t understand taxes AT ALL, even as a private person, let alone as a small business
  • Contacting HR and Recruiting at my day time employer how to better handle the fact that I often find the work of my co workers to be below standard

Let’s see, one step at a time.


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