Is it just me? Or is it all around the world?

imac for sale

My 1 year old iMac for sale on

My partner has complained to me on a few occasions that whenever he puts things up for sale on e-Bay, he gets this barrage of emails with questions. Questions that need not have been asked if only the person asking the question had read the ad on e-Bay in the first place.

I invite you to have a look at the image above and tell me what you see.

What I see is: an iMac, a power supply cable, two sheets of A4 sized paper, a rectangular box containing what looks like a keyboard and (difficult to tell if you haven’t seen one before) a magic mouse in it’s original packaging, a big box with an image of and iMac on it and finally a even bigger cardboard box. I see some more things in the image but lets limit ourselves to what I’ve just mentioned.

This image comes with a verbal description in the actual online ad.

So back to those questions I mentioned earlier: Does it come in the original box? Does it come with the original receipt? Is it the set complete?

Is it just me, or is it all around the world that people don’t look and read, but instead simply ask questions?

iMac is a registered trademark of Apple, Inc. and e-Bay are registered trademarks of their respective owners.


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