I say yes to nuclear power.

yes to nuclear

(c) Scala JWT, Romania Via. Via Karen Hurley Design on Tumblr

When Frau Bundeskanzlerin Merkel ordered all nuclear power plants in Germany to be shut and decommissioned, she was, in my opinion, not thinking clearly and clearly let the upcoming elections let her make a ‘favourable decision’ toward the electorate.

I think it was an entirely stupid decision and she should have it reversed (after the elections, of course).

It’s so easy to be swept away by all the WWF teddy bear huggers and the armed paramilitary environmentalist groups that have you believe that nuclear is bad. I should have done a bit more research and I would have found the paper by one of such groups, Greenpeace, that nuclear power is actually much better and safer for the environment than fossil fuels will ever be. Feel free though to find it yourself, it’s out there!

I say YES to nuclear energy!

I say NO to the people who cut corners on plant maintenance, cut on proper training of personnel, cut corners on designing proper protocols.

Those are the reasons traditional nuclear plants go boom. Not because they are nuclear or the inherent danger, as if digging coal mines isn’t dangerous (how many people got killed from collapsing coal mines for instance), but because the people responsible for operating a nuclear plant safely fail to do so because they want to save MONEY!

Because that is what has and will cause all the problems with the power plants in operation now and the future; people trying to save money.

I found a TED talk the other week which I think is really cool and provides an comprehensive and safe nuclear alternative to the conventional power plants we have today.

Listen to what Taylor Wilson has in mind for the near future!

A young guy with great ideas.


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