Photography project.


(c) Nikon

I just thought of a new photography project for my next business trip.

It’s something I have never tried before and you could easily call it an ‘advanced’ or at least ‘technical’ project. It will require some testing at home first, I will need to do a bit of scouting at the location for the perfect set up (at least I already know the main location), I will need a lot of patience and a bit of luck (as I’m not a ‘technical’ photographer) and if really everything falls into place I will have a really neat feature for the new book I’m working on!

I expect it to be very engaging (pending on the final result, lol).

Then there’s a mini film project that I want to work on too, don’t think of it as something big. It will be filmed with the iPhone 5 camera. Also on location.

I just hope I have enough time at the location and don’t feel too tired after the business part of the trip is done or too jet-lagged.


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