TED times two equals?

In the plane on my way between our two homes I like to either watch an episode of one of my favourite tv shows or, as of late, watch one or more Ted-Talks.

Today, en route above the clouds I found myself watching and listening to a TED-Talk by Pico Iver (who I had never heard of before) titled ‘Where is home?’. And as someone who seems to be always looking at the world through a airplane window, blast visiting foreign countries and travelling between two homes, this particular Ted-Talk seemed very fitting.

It starts with the simple question: ‘Where do you come from?’, a question I imagine many travellers have been asked. In the end Pico Iver doesn’t just answer this question in all it’s meanings, but also tells about a journey to find what you would call your home.

The following talk by Peter Attia is also an inspirational talk. Doesn’t just shed different light on a growing problem of obesity but also invites you to look at how you yourself look at others.


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