Sold, for thirty francs to the Vicomte de Chagny.

iMac Medio 2011
(c) Grisnoir.

“May I start at twenty francs? Fifteen, then? Fifteen I am bid.”

“Sold, for thirty francs to the Vicomte de Chagny. Thank you, sir.”

Well not exactly thirty Francs, and certainly not to the Vicomte de Changy; but sold indeed!

A while ago I was presented with the question whether or not to upgrade my iMac with more memory to speed the trusty machine up a bit or to buy a completely new one.

A simple calculation made it clear that upgrading the memory would be one third of the price of a completely new iMac with even more memory, bigger HDD, faster processor, you get the picture. Oh and it would be a new, new iMac. Not simply a slightly speedier old, old iMac.

So I was about to decide to buy the new one, when my partner made the decision even easier for me by promising me he would match the difference between the price I’d sell the old one for and the new one.

Shortly thereafter I discovered I am eligible for Apple’s iTunes VIP Discount Program as an iTunes Content Producer. Double yay!!

Happily ordered the new iMac and restored the old one to ‘out of factory’ settings and put it up for sale on line.

Transaction completed just minutes ago. Happy that the old iMac only devaluated 33 percent over the three year period it was mine.

Turns out the guy I sold it to is a (aspiring) photographer, so I slipped him a promotional postcard for my photo book ‘Destination: Bhutan!‘.

First thing he asked when he saw the photo was ‘Are you a photographer?’.

I like things like that!

Will like it even more when he also buys the book (-:

iMac and iTunes and the iMac design are registered trademarks of Apple, Inc.
The quotes are from ‘The phantom of the Opera‘ musical.


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