Jet lag, I just really dislike it so very much!

Sleepy koala bear

(c) someone on the interweb.

Jet lag can make me so extremely grumpy, lightly irritated and unreasonable. Unable to reason, to think and to keep balance. Unable to make decisions and eat the wrong things.

So to create some peace of mind and get rid of sources of irritations or as Gretchen Ruben would call them, pigeons of discontent. When I’m jet lagged these pigeons look more like Rhamphorhyncus to me.

Luckily I am not a gatherer, rather the opposite, I try to own as few things as possible. Only holding on to the things that I need or bring something truly positive into my life. This is an continuous process of small or larger optimisations of my belongings.

I’m glad though that the jet lag was totally worth it. I finished my photo project and the result is so much better than I might have hoped; more about that later. And I have made a decision about the orientation of my new book. Though it’s an iPad Retina optimised version of what was a landscape oriented book in print, I have decided the new e-book will be portrait oriented.

Looking forward to the result, which I’ll for sure will share with you guys!

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