iOS 7 Beta 4!

iOS 7 Beta 4

(c) Apple, Inc.

This post was supposed to have gone up about a week ago… oops.

I was looking forward to a new beta as I’m using it on my normal phone, which is not advised! Beta means “Bad things may happen”.

But I like trying out new stuff and by now, after about 5 weeks I’ve grown to really like the iOS 7 Betas. I could revert to the current iOS to not be bothered by little quirks and malfunctions, but I just LIKE it so much. I feel like I’d have to get used to the current one if I changed back.

But like I said using beta FIRMWARE or Operating Systems on machines you use in your day to day life is not recommended. So just before I started writing this post I saw the screen of my iPhone 5 light up, go black, see the Apple logo appear, restarting and go black again.

Ah well. It’s part of the game.


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