Losing my religion

Losing my religion

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I used to be a believer! I put so much faith and trust into it, and that only makes it worse.

I really LOVE technology. But lately things aren’t fairing so well on the technology front. Specifically almost everything network related.

When I’m at our other place the iMac at the other home stays on so I have access to it through the interweb. The internal iMac protocols to communicate with each other often work great, screen sharing full screen and often without much lag to notice the remote machine is almost 1000 km away! Really as if I’m actually there!

I so loved that.

Lately though the computers disconnect and never connect again. At random. Remote restart of the other computer doesn’t change the situation, once off the grid means off the grid.

So for a more stable data transfer I bought a quality 1TB USB3 drive. Formatted it correctly, copied ca. 30.000 files in under 50 minutes and I was happy. When I did the same thing before switching locations I only had a USB2 drive and it took 9 hours(!) to copy less files.

I was happy, I could work on the files locally, work on the remote computer.

Next the remote is getting so intensely slow, or perhaps the connection or which ever part of the chain was creating such a lag that it was impossible to even move an icon on the remote desktop. So, knowing I had all the files I needed locally I remotely restated the computer. But properly.

If it probably restarted, I shall never know as it disappeared from view. I pressed the remote kill switch for the power supply and after a bit I remotely switched power back on. The computer had powered up, I could tell by the energy usage graph, but not by finding it in the network.

I didn’t mind as I had expected this, it happened before but that time I hadn’t brought a disk with my files. So I killed the power again. No need having the remote computer using up fossil fuels for nothing.

Then the day comes that I relocate and happily connect my new USB3 drive and want to start copying my files.

Error, after error, after error.

In the end I managed to get the files copied, but not the way it was supposed to be.

And today I’ve been trying to reconnect my obsolete Airport Extreme to the network in a useful way. And it’s been such a hassle! I even downgraded the firmware of the Extreme to see if that would help, used an older version of Airport Utility.


In the end I managed to put the machine to some use as a dumb wired bridge. It pains me as it is such a nice piece of technology and now it’s just connecting two ends of a ethernet cable.


I need some time now to come to terms that technology just doesn’t work.

I will be okay in the morning.


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