Another one bites the dust.

Another HDD fails - I am losing my religion (image by Samsung, this is not the disk I'm talking about)

(c) Samsung.

So I powered up my Carbon Copy Cloner designated drive for a CCC of my iMac.

All went fine.

I tried to clean up and delete a different partition on the drive that I used to use for Time Machine. I don’t use that partition for Time Machine anymore TM has it’s own dedicated 2Tb drive now. It is during this process that strange things start to happen. The name of the partition keeps changing back, erasing the partition at the quickest speed took 6 or 8 hours or something.

So I do a Verify disk, Repair disk and all of that.

Disk repaired no problems, etc. The sun is shining.

The partition and the whole physical drive are not in use yet I hear this Thump, Thump, Thump, sound. Not click, click, click of death, just a thump at a fairly regular interval. Like a train on a track.

So I ask my engineer partner and tells me though it’s not the click of death, the drive is certainly dying and should be exchanged for a new one. Bloody hell! That’s the second 2Tb drive that dies on me, in a 2 month period! And this wasn’t a cheap one either!

My religion is being seriously tested. Especially since all my issues with the last gen Airport Extreme and another WD drive that isn’t functioning properly. And that drive I only bought a week ago.

(the picture at the top is a Samsung drive and not the one I’m talking about here!)


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