TIY (Try It Yourself) week.

Try It Yourself pack

Try It Yourself Package



After, before completely dry, floor boards removed

After (floorboards removed, unfortunately that will not be possible everywhere), paint still drying.

When I moved into the Amsterdam Apartment I had to choose, get all the paintwork done before laying the floor, or laying the floor so I could move in (there was a bit of a time constraint).

I choose the latter.

My partner and I did sand the side boards before we put in the floor board though (Oh Happiness!!).

It’s been three years and a bit after I moved in and the side boards still have not been painted. And it was beginning to get a bit on my nerves. On some spots you can see through the second layer of white paint where the original black is visible, not so nice.

Also I cant finish the flooring by putting the whatever-the-things-are-called-in-English in place before the sideboards have been painted. And I know for sure once those things are in place everything will look much nicer, more finished and will no longer distract me.

So today TIY (Try It Yourself) week started.

Bought all the stuff I need to start with the project.

I decided on trying out the hallway first as this is the smallest space so in case I got terribly fed up with the whole thing (I get that a lot when painting large surfaces, like walls), I would be able to finish it and not leave it half finished.

Turns out the opacity of the paint I chose (HEMA RAL 9010) was PERFECT, even though it’s white, it only really needs one well placed layer and it will cover the black spots. I might even consider doing the front door (-:

Unfortunately, as you can see in the before and (intermediate) after picture the contrast between how poorly the walls were done by the previous inhabitants is now very evident.

Anyways, the most challenging will be masking the floorboards with masking tape. That’s a perfect nocturnal activity when you’re by yourself I would say. As Emperor God King of Procrastination, I will postpone that till tomorrow as I don’t have enough masking tape. Tonight I will check the side boards for holes and fill them up so the filler can dry overnight.

I’m glad I’m still very optimistic about the whole thing!


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