Self fulfilling prophecy

Apple Stock Chart on iPhone5S introduction day.

(c) Yahoo!


Self fulfilling prophecies are so boring.

I really don’t get all this Apple Bashing, sure I’m an Apple fan, but I don’t understand why, so called analysts, don’t for once try to look a bit farther into the future than the end of the the day of trading. Unless you’re a day trader and that’s something completely different.

I also don’t understand is why all the nay saying bloggers think they know what Apple, in this case, has planned for the next 5 and 10 years, because companies with visions look that far ahead. They HAVE to do that to survive. A tech company that doesn’t look ahead far enough will end up in the the Blackberry and Nokia category faster than the bloggers can type.

Car manufacturers for instance have entire teams of futurologist and trends analysts (such as Dutch Studio Edelkoort) to figure out what kind of car we want in 5, 10 and 15 years, because it takes that long to develop that car and what a shame it would be if it turns out a flop.

So it is total idiocy to think Apple is not innovating. It HAS to innovate, but innovation isn’t always visible to the general public. This invisibility of technology is only ONE aspect of exactly the kind of innovation Apple is after.

Does the iPhone 5S look virtually EXACTLY like the iPhone 5? Sure, but all the good stuff that makes it better and innovative is on the inside, it’s invisible.

Are the futuristic technologies in movies like Minority Report visible? Not really, the retinal scanners in the shops and streets are just like CCTV camera’s. So does it LOOK innovative? No, it looks just like a good old street cam.

One thing about these analysts is that they analyse their client’s stock portfolios, not technology not innovation. And MOST bloggers just follow what one of two influential bloggers say and it all becomes a self fulfilling prophecy.

It’s only two days later and Apple stocks are rising again. Guess what, some smart people have been posting some thought through stuff about how clever the iPhone 5c really is. And why did everybody ASSUME ‘c’ stood for CHEAP? Apple has NEVER been about cheap! People saying that the lack of NFC technology in the new Apple phones was a bad idea.

Some smart people have been thinking about the possible commercial implications of a separate processor whose sole task is to continuously register your (kind) of movement. And the commercial possibilities of the low energy Bluetooth technology for payments and personalised offers and customer tracking in stores…

So if you keep saying it’s gonna rain, it will. I often think that the analysts keep repeating news that will influence Apple stock such that their clients will be able to buy more at a lower price so when it turns out the people keep buying Apple products, even more of them then ever before, their client’s portfolios will have grown in value and so will their bonuses and commissions… Stock Market influencing in broad daylight.

Of course though, when super influential people like Lidewij Edelkoort tell companies that the trend for 2020 will be whatever, all marketing machines will be fine tuned such that this trend has a 90 percent chance of actually happening. A self fulfilling prophecy in a way.

This is not to discredit her and others like her, on the contrary. I count myself lucky having had the opportunity to be present during one of her FLAWLESSLY PERFECT talks about her visions for the (then) future. I have great respect for her for gathering exactly the right micro info from around the globe on which she and her team create a feeling for what we will most likely care about in the future….

Now let’s find a different company to bash. Apple bashing is getting really boring…

iPhone and related names are registered trade names of Apple, Inc. in the United States and other countries.


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