iTunes Radio is gonna be great!

itunesradio (c) Apple, Inc.

(c) Apple, Inc.

iTunes Radio is gonna be great!

This is what the music industry and the film industry should have thought about 15 years, or so, ago when MP3 format became popular. My engineer partner told me that at that time there was not enough bandwidth available for things like streaming music stations, or streaming video services like Netflix. But that doesn’t make me change my mind about the fact that the film studios and music labels were just too scared.

The combined industries could have used the billions of US Dollars they spent on trying to prevent people from downloading music, films, etc. from the internet without paying their dues, for figuring out how to use this new distribution system to their advantage, they tried with all their might stop it.

I’m all in favour of paying someone for the work s/he has done (I’ve got content in the iBookstore that I wouldn’t want to shared without any advantage for me). It’s just so mind boggling that all that wasted film industry and music label money has been spent in vain.

The reason why I think iTunes radio is going to be great, is that it will stimulate the sale of music and films. Simply because it will so simple to pay for it. Click the song that’s playing, put your fingerprint on the iPhone 5S sensor et presto!

I’ve been playing around with the beta versions of iOS7 on the iPhone and every time I have used iTunes Radio I have purchased at least one song. Today I have installed iTunes 11.1 beta 2 on my iMac and I’m afraid more even purchases will be made, especially once iTunes Radio will be released in my region.

Netflix has only this week been ‘released’ in my region and I’m a fan. HBO Go was introduced about a year or two ago, but you can only get that with a subscription to a cable company’s shitload of crap. I just want HBO Go, not all the rest. That’s why I’m so happy that Netflix is available without subscribing to a specific cable company. You simply pay them for their content. That’s the way it should be. The only thing I don’t understand about Netflix is that even with a paid subscription their own content, of which they own the copyrights of anywhere in the world, is also only available where Netflix has copyright arrangements with each and every specific region. This I find very confusing.

FINALLY the internet is going to be used for paid content distribution the way it should have always been -> I want this ONE song, I’ll pay for this one song, not for the entire album which I don’t like. I like this one channel, I’ll pay for that one, not also for the 99 others that I couldn’t give a f about.

Slowly but surely the future is drawing near!

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