Instrument of the Devil.

Napoleon and the Devil - from the British Library Flickr Collection

Four years ago I made the conscious decision to go without a tv. Not because it’s an instrument of the Devil (which depending on who you define is the Devil, it actually is) but because there was never anything on and what ever they pushed through the cable never tickled my fancy. So when I moved house I decided to put it up for sale and was surprised I even found a buyer. It was a massive thing, one of the first Sony Trinitron full flat screen CRT things, it weighed a ton!

My life has been pretty serene without the constant barrage of Non-Sense launched into my living room. Perhaps it’s good to know that I get irritated quite easily by empty promises from politicians, about news items detailing said politicians incompetences, the natural disasters that are out of our control and all the inaccurate predictions of when the world will come to an end. And that’s just the beginning.

So for my entertainment I like to go to the cinema using my ‘all you can watch anytime’ card from the largest chain where I live. I like to rent and buy stuff from iTunes and since downloading copyrighted stuff isn’t illegal where I live (not yet at least, uploading is mind you!) I managed quite nicely without a tv.

At my partner’s apartment (he said goodbye to his tv 8 years ago) we have a beamer and a huge screen (210 cm wide) and we like to hang on the sofa and watch films and what not. Never any news or the random nonsense the cable throws at us.

After four years watching content on my iMac at my desk whenever I was at my apartment I wanted some change: I wanted to sit on the sofa too and watch something.

As I didn’t want an actual tv in the house (instrument of the Devil, remember) I looked at beamers. Though not as expensive as they may have been 4 years ago, they were still not exactly cheap. Also since my window shades don’t block the outside light I’d have to have a powerful beamer or get new shades. Also beamers use 10 times more energy and changing the light source would cost about 50% of the beamer’s original price.

So I decided I’ll get myself a nice flat tv screen and an AppleTV set top box and I can watch all the content I used to watch at the desk on the iMac, on the tv from the sofa. I was so surprised how light the tv (32″) was and the whole setup including HDMI cable was less than a medium quality beamer.

Sure I did connect the cable company’s set top box just to have a look, but when I had to click the final ‘ok’ button I switched it off and put the thing back in the box. Don’t want to get flooded with stuff I know will make me mad, frustrated and irritated.


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